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We Recycle!



At Your Water Birth we are proud of our recycling program.  Over 90% of all cardboard that enters our warehouse is reused and the remaining 10% is recycled.

When packaging orders for our customers we use the cardboard boxes our inventory arrives in as their shipping box. By doing this, we dramatically reduce the amount of new cardboard boxes we have to use for shipping orders.

In fact, only 5% of our orders are shipped in new cardboard boxes.

Now, we must admit, this causes a bit of confusion for our customers who are expecting their package from us to arrive, like all of their other online orders, in new cardboard boxes. We realize that new may look nicer (Though we only reuse cardboard boxes that are in perfect condition.) we feel that reusing is critical in reducing our carbon imprint.

We do what we can to label recycled shipping boxes to reassure our customers that they have indeed received the right products and order.

Recycling matters!