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Research and Publications

We have compiled a lengthy list of studies, research and publications on water for labor and delivery. Click on the links to be directed to these listings.

1987 Warm Tub Bath During Delivery – Lenstrup

1992 Warm Tub Bath After Spontaneous Rupture of the Membranes – Waldenstrom

1993 Water Immersion and the Effect on Labor – Schorn

1994 To Bathe or not to Bath During the First Stage of Labor – Cammu

1994 A Comparative Study: Waterbirth and Bedbirth – Burke

1996 The Effects of Whirlpool Baths in Labor: A Randomized, Controlled Trial – Rush

1997 Warm Tub Bath During Delivery – Lenstrup

1997 Immersion in Water in Labor and Birth – Cluett & Burns

1997 Effects of Intrapartum Hydrotherapy on Labour Related Parameters – Aird