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I would love to hear from woman who have helped bring waterbirth to their local hospital.

What worked for you?

Was your care provider a nurse midwife or a doctor?

Was it a positive experience?

What would you do differently?

There are many expecting mothers right now trying to convince their hospital to allow them to labor and birth in water. This can be an overwhelming hill to climb for some. For others the job may be easier because there are hospital staff that support this option.

This may or may not be the ‘hill’ for you. If your personality is up for the task at hand, then great. But if you are someone who does not cope well with conflict, disappointment, and challenge, then this may not be a good project for you.

It is wonderful when you can easily find the perfect care provider who happily accepts your birth wishes. Homebirth midwife and home delivery. Nurse midwife at a birth center. Or OB/GYN at a hospital. But what do you do when you have limited options in your community and your birth wishes are not readily accepted and even turned down?

I am hoping that this BLOG can serve as a resource for those women trying to bring change to their hospitals and for those women simply wanting their wishes for how they labor and birth to be considered.

Please spread the word. I would love to hear from those of you who have succeeded and what worked and didn’t work.