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Using a mirror to monitor baby’s birth.


If allowed to labor naturally in water, most women will labor in an upright kneeling position. Often this is the position she will be in when pushing begins.

As this phase of birth continues the women will generally spread her knees wider and lower her bottom closer to the floor of the pool.  This is a safe and more comfortable position for a woman to birth in water (or on land). Her baby can safely glide out of her body into the water then up into mother’s arms.

It is easy to see that in this position the birth attendant can not visually monitor the baby’s progress through crowning and birth. This is where the use of a water birth mirror is very handy.

By placing the mirror on the floor of the pool and with the aid of an underwater light (shine the light onto the mirror and the beam will bounce up to the birthing mother’s bottom) the care provider – and dad – can watch and monitor baby’s progress.

We sell a simple mirror for this use. It is recommended that the mirror be disposed of after each use as birth water tends to seep into the frame of the mirror and the mirror may not be adequately cleaned for repeat use.

With the use of a mirror your midwife can monitor your baby’s progress and well being without disturbing you. This allows you to stay “within” mentally and not be distracted with touches or requests to change position.

Blessings in birth,