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The Importance of Water Birth

It is wonderful to watch hospitals come on board with offering the option of water for labor and birth.  As each new hospital contacts us and figures out (typically with the help of a midwife) what pool and accessories they want, I smile knowing that this hospital labor and delivery unit is about to change for the better.

At first they order just a few pools and supplies. But within a few months their order increase as the care providers become more supportive of this, originally, questionable method for childbirth.

Having water available at your birth provides you with the opportunity to naturally reduce tension and pain while you labor. Less tension and pain allows your body to be more relaxed and to labor more efficiently. This means a quicker labor and birth and the reduced chance of needing medical interventions.

No medical interventions means that you and your baby will not experience the side effects of medications. You will both be more alert and aware of each other. There is nothing I enjoy more than watching mother and baby as they look at each other right after birth.


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