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Selecting the Right Air Pump for your Birth Pool.

Inflatable birth pools need the right air pump.

1) Do not use a battery operated air pump. Most are not strong enough to inflate birth pools firm enough.

2) Be sure that your air pump has a variety of nozzles. You will need a small nozzle to inflate the floor and a larger one for the walls.

3) Bicycle style air pumps will not work.

4) Air compressors – use at your own risk. It is easy to over inflate with air compressors and you run the risk of rupturing your valuable birth pool.

5) Select an air pump that both inflates and deflates. This makes taking down your birth pool easy. You can remove all the air from your pool without having to wrestle with it.

6) Select air pumps from us –  All our air pumps meet the above recommendations.  We only sell quality pumps.


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