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Professional Aquaborn Pools

We thought we should let you know that the Professional and the Semi-Pro Aquaborn Pools will not be available on our site or in the US until further notice. We were told by the US Distributor that the product is being pulled from the US market while they work on improving quality.

We still have available our most popular Pro grade inflatable birth pool – the PRO La Bassine. This pool outsells both the mini and the regular Birth Pool in a Box pools and the past Pro Aquaborn pool.

This pool is strong and dependable and much lighter then the Birth Pool in a Box pools.

Blessings in birth,


Aquaborn Birth Pool Liners

I am getting lots of questions about the two Aquaborn Liners available.

The photo to the far left is the Regular Aquaborn Liner. This liner can be used with or without the blue cover shroud (pictured in the closest photo to the left.  To use this liner you place the blue shroud on the floor below the inflated pool. Put the Regular Aquaborn Liner on the pool, lining up the top handle slots. Then pull the blue shroud up and over the two handles and into place.

The Aquaborn Zip-in Liner is shown in the closest photo to the left. This liner is put on the pool after you have the blue shroud in place. It easily zips into place.

The Aquaborn blue shroud is a great way to protect your Aquaborn pool from abrasions and it also helps to hold in more heat. We sell the blue shroud separately and it can be used on both the Pro and Regular models of the Aquaborn pool.

If you want to save money, purchase our Eco Generic Pool Liner. This liner fits all our inflatable pools and will save you money.  Keep in mind though, that the Eco Generic Pool Liner is not a molded, form fitted liner.



Cold Weather and Your Birth Pool

Hello BLOG followers. I apologize for not regularly posting to this blog and promise to do so this year.

Well, cold weather is still upon us and it is critical to protect your inflatable water labor and birth pool from cold temperatures. Do everything you can to keep your pool, even it its shipping box, at 50 degrees or higher. Colder temperatures will make your pool material stiff and possibly brittle which can lead to cracks and holes. This, of course, means you will not have a working pool.


Pay close attention to your shipping notice to know when your pool will be arriving and bring it indoors immediately to prevent it from sitting in the cold outdoor temperatures any longer than necessary.


Be sure to leave your pool IN THE SHIPPING box for at least two days before removing it. It is a good idea to give it one to two days more still folded to warm even further. DO NOT UNFOLD YOUR POOL IF IT FEELS COLD AND STIFF! This unfolding can cause cracks in stiff, cold pool material.


Stay warm and lets all think spring!

Happy birthing,


SUPER DEALS – SAVE $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$


The latest addition to Your Water is the arrival of SUPER DEALS and a monthly special!

SUPER DEALS combine our most popular pool – La Bassine and a La Bassine Liner with one of three different kits:

La Bassine pool & liner with our Deluxe Birth Kit
La Bassine pool & liner with our Standard Water System
La Bassine pool & liner with out Deluxe Water System


We also feature a Midwife Pro kit and our La Bassine Pro pool with 10 liners.

The Monthly Special features our La Bassine pool & liner and a mixed selection of items from our store.

These SUPER DEALS save you 10% and when you use your Midwife’s Discount Coupon you can save an additional 10%!

Look for your midwife under Shop By Midwife. If you don’t see her there, send her this link and have her register to receive her 10% Coupon to share with you.

Happy Spring!

Choosing a pool.

I get phone calls everyday with women wanting to know which pool to select from.

I realize that they look different but in reality, all three engineered pools: La Bassine, Birth Pool in a Box and Aquaborn are the same in material and quality.

What is different is the color and the design. The large the pool and the more complicated the design, the more expensive.

La Bassine is simple and is the only pool that is available without a liner. It currently retails for $135.00.  It outsells all other pools we sell by at least 4 to 1.  It has also been in the United States market longer and well proven.

Don’t get me wrong. You will love your Birth Pool in a Box or your Aquaborn pool. They are expertly made and wonderful products.

So – let your budget start your decision process then select the pool that appeals to you the most.

Happy birth and babies!