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Using a mirror to monitor baby’s birth.


If allowed to labor naturally in water, most women will labor in an upright kneeling position. Often this is the position she will be in when pushing begins.

As this phase of birth continues the women will generally spread her knees wider and lower her bottom closer to the floor of the pool.  This is a safe and more comfortable position for a woman to birth in water (or on land). Her baby can safely glide out of her body into the water then up into mother’s arms.

It is easy to see that in this position the birth attendant can not visually monitor the baby’s progress through crowning and birth. This is where the use of a water birth mirror is very handy.

By placing the mirror on the floor of the pool and with the aid of an underwater light (shine the light onto the mirror and the beam will bounce up to the birthing mother’s bottom) the care provider – and dad – can watch and monitor baby’s progress.

We sell a simple mirror for this use. It is recommended that the mirror be disposed of after each use as birth water tends to seep into the frame of the mirror and the mirror may not be adequately cleaned for repeat use.

With the use of a mirror your midwife can monitor your baby’s progress and well being without disturbing you. This allows you to stay “within” mentally and not be distracted with touches or requests to change position.

Blessings in birth,




Selecting the Right Air Pump for your Birth Pool.

Inflatable birth pools need the right air pump.

1) Do not use a battery operated air pump. Most are not strong enough to inflate birth pools firm enough.

2) Be sure that your air pump has a variety of nozzles. You will need a small nozzle to inflate the floor and a larger one for the walls.

3) Bicycle style air pumps will not work.

4) Air compressors – use at your own risk. It is easy to over inflate with air compressors and you run the risk of rupturing your valuable birth pool.

5) Select an air pump that both inflates and deflates. This makes taking down your birth pool easy. You can remove all the air from your pool without having to wrestle with it.

6) Select air pumps from us –  All our air pumps meet the above recommendations.  We only sell quality pumps.


Blessings in birth


Why you need adapters for your water hose.

Adapters! These little items are a must if you want to have water in your water labor and birth!


The simple fact that your water hose is designed to attached to water sources ONLY outside of your home not inside. So, you must find the right adapter to access water inside your house.

The easiest location is your kitchen sink. We recommend using the “Y” adapter as well so that you can leave your water hose attached and still get water from your kitchen sink by opening and closing the valves on your “Y” adapter. The end cap goes on the pool end of your hose so you can set your hose outside of your pool and not worry about water draining from the hose onto your floors.

You can also use a shower adapter to access water from your shower pipe (the pipe coming from your wall that your shower head attaches to) for filling your pool but keep in mind that this water source is more complicated. You will need to remove your shower head and have the right tools to do this. You will also need plumbers tape and plumbers putty to put the shower head back on to not have leaks.


Blessings in birth,


Selecting the right Shipping Option

Your Water Birth is proud to announce that nearly 90% of all our orders receive upgraded shipping at no additional cost if you select USPS Standard Shipping – the cheapest listed shipping options at checkout.

If you order a pool liner and select the cheapest option for shipping – USPS Standard Parcel Shipping – your package will automatically be upgraded to USPS Priority Mail at no additional cost. Your package will arrive days sooner and you will save money! Two things that matter a lot.

If you are ordering larger items like a birthing supplies or a kit or a waterbirth pool selecting USPS Standard Parcel Shipping, again, the cheapest shipping option listed in our checkout process, it will likely be upgraded to UPS Ground at no additional cost to you and arrive sooner.

There are some exceptions. Our customers who have orders shipping to Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico and other US Common Wealth locations will still receive upgrades for single pool liners orders from USPS Standard Parcel Shipping to USPS Priority Mail but larger orders will not be changed and shipping times will be long.

For US customers living in Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and other US Common Wealth locations should always select USPS Priority Mail shipping to receive orders in a timely manner.

Your Water Birth also takes tremendous pride in the fact that 90% of our shipping boxes and packing material is recycled directly from our own warehouse. We do all we can to minimize our environmental footprint. We feel it is ethically irresponsible to purchase new shipping boxes to simply provide a “prettier” package to our customers. Plus, we believe that the majority of our customers are of the recycle mindset and would greatly appreciate our policy of reuse and recycle.

Blessings in birth,


Professional Aquaborn Pools

We thought we should let you know that the Professional and the Semi-Pro Aquaborn Pools will not be available on our site or in the US until further notice. We were told by the US Distributor that the product is being pulled from the US market while they work on improving quality.

We still have available our most popular Pro grade inflatable birth pool – the PRO La Bassine. This pool outsells both the mini and the regular Birth Pool in a Box pools and the past Pro Aquaborn pool.

This pool is strong and dependable and much lighter then the Birth Pool in a Box pools.

Blessings in birth,