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More About the Water


More about water and water therapy

These links will provide you with more information and resources. Enjoy your reading.


Mothering on waterbirth – Mothering magazine and have many articles and features about water for labor and birth.

A Midwife’s Perspective: Labor and Birth in the Water by Jill Cohen; 2001 Midwifery Today

Midwifery Today E-News on waterbirth

Midwifery Today Articles on waterbirth

Womens Health .gov – Even the US Government support water birth

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center – teaching hospital of Harvard Medical School on waterbirth.

Water birth Wikipedia – History, benefits, risks and concerns.

Water Cure Wikipedia – learn more about the history of water therapy from ancient civilizations, 19th century movement in Europe and the United States and more.

Hydrotherapy Wikipedia – The history, varieties, treatments, spa tourism and more.

Hydrotherapy Medical-Dictionary The Free dictionary – Definitions, purpose and origins of Hydrotherapy.