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Dechlorinating Filter Popular

We are seeing a strong increase in sales of our Dechlorinating Water Filter.

We love this filter and use one on our own shower at home. It is easy to use and can be attached to your shower for continued use after your water birth.

This filter converts harmful chlorine into harmless chloride as water travels through it’s unique filter.

It’s specially formulated bacteriostatic KDF media is a better chlorine removal than standard KDF formulas.

This filter will not slow down your fill time on your water birth pool as the built-in jet dispersal improves water flow-through. Also the sediment trap reduces clogging.

Not only does this filter convert chlorine to chloride, it’s crystalline quartz filter energizes the water for better “feeling” water.

After your water birth simply attach your filter to your shower pipe then reattach your shower head and enjoy the difference this filter will make.

This filter typically lasts 6-9 months and the pop-in replacement cartridge is easy to install.

We sell these filters three ways:

Filter alone

Filter with kitchen sink adapter: This set up allows you to attach this filter to your kitchen sink then attach your water hose for filling your water birth pool.

Filter with shower adapters: This set up allows you to attach your water hose for filling your water birth pool.

This is the perfect accessory addition for the family who wants their baby to arrive in water without chlorine in it.

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