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Which Birth Pools

Click on the link below to view all our birth pools side by side.  This comparison chart will help you select the right pool for you or your midwifery practice.

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Take a moment to read this post on how to match the right pool for your height: I Am Tall How…

Also take a quick read through this page on Preparing for Your Water Birth Lower on this page you will find some good information about choosing pools.

The most important thing to remember is that being in the water is what gives you the comfort. So no matter what your budget, your birth place, your care provider or what anyone in your life thinks (and tells you : ) — provide yourself access to water in any form possible for your labor and ideally your birth.

We are very fortunate to live in a country where most of us have the financial or personal resources to have a water pool of some sort for our labor and birth if this is what we want. I remember hearing a story from a midwife friend of mine who spends a great deal of time in Mexico working with midwives and birthing families there. One particular community she spent time in was very poor. Clean water was a precious resource in their homes and this one midwife would teach her clients the importance of being in water for labor. One of her clients thought this to be a great idea but a birth pool was not even a remote thought. She cleaned her metal wash basin and started collecting clean water to save for her birth. She had had previous babies and just loved how nice it felt to have her bottom in the water in this small wash basin during labor.

I encourage women to start with their budget. If funds are limited, perhaps you can barrow a pool. If this is not an option and buying a pool is out of the question, do what you can to use a bathtub or at least a shower during labor.


Inflatable & Non-Inflatable Water Pool Options. Which is Best?

What is best, remember is being in water. But… comfort is important. If you have a choice and ask women who have labored and birthed in hard, built in tubs, rigid foam pools and inflatable pools, they will always say that the inflatable pools were so much more comfortable. This is not surprising since the whole reason a woman wants to labor in water is to relax and achieve greater comfort. So a woman is going to want to relax onto something comfortable and soft and not hard and rigid.  This is why inflatable pools have become so popular. They are soft AND typically a lot less expensive then any other pool option.

One option with hard and rigid pools is to add foam edges and pillows.






But you can’t beat built in comfort that comes with an inflatable water birth pool. This is the reason that we only sell inflatables.

It is easy to see the difference.