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Cold Weather and Your Water Birth Pool

Winter is here and the cold can have a serious effect on your waterbirth pool.

Most companies, ours included, will send you an email notifying you that your order has shipped. When you are expecting an inflatable water birth pool to arrive when temperatures are below 50 degrees, be sure to make arrangements to retrieve your pool from outside after it is delivered as quickly as possible.

Temperatures below 50 degrees will make your inflatable water birth pool stiff and if the temperature gets low enough, even brittle.

Bring your pool inside as quickly as possible.  Another option is to have your pool delivered to your local UPS Store so it will be kept inside until you can pick it up.

After you bring your pool inside be sure to leave it in the box to warm to room temperature for one to two days.  When taking it out of its box for the first time, take note if the pool material feels stiff. If warmed adequately, it will be soft and easy to unfold.

If the pool is stiff and you unfold it, you may inflict cracks in the pool material which will cause air leaks.

Once the pool is soft and easy to unfold, you can safely inflate it.


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