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Choosing a pool.

I get phone calls everyday with women wanting to know which pool to select from.

I realize that they look different but in reality, all three engineered pools: La Bassine, Birth Pool in a Box and Aquaborn are the same in material and quality.

What is different is the color and the design. The large the pool and the more complicated the design, the more expensive.

La Bassine is simple and is the only pool that is available without a liner. It currently retails for $135.00.  It outsells all other pools we sell by at least 4 to 1.  It has also been in the United States market longer and well proven.

Don’t get me wrong. You will love your Birth Pool in a Box or your Aquaborn pool. They are expertly made and wonderful products.

So – let your budget start your decision process then select the pool that appeals to you the most.

Happy birth and babies!