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It is important to stay connected to the end user of any product to know that you are truly meeting the expectations of your customers. Continue reading

Oasis Elite Water Birth Pool

The Oasis Elite Water Birth Pool is here and quickly growing in popularity with our regular midwives.     You will love this pool. Made with the best vinyl on the market that is super strong while being lighter than … Continue reading

Oasis Pool

We are seeing growing popularity of the Oasis Oval Water Birth Pool. It is a great substitute for the La Bassine I-Beam pool and only $80. It measures 64″ x 50″ x 24″ and holds roughly 115 gallons. This pool … Continue reading

To Rent or Buy Your Birth Pool?

Should you rent or buy your water birth labor and birth pool? A good question. Most rentals will cost you as much, or more, or at best, just a bit less then buying a birth pool. One way to recover … Continue reading

Cold Weather and Your Water Birth Pool

Winter is here and the cold can have a serious effect on your waterbirth pool. Most companies, ours included, will send you an email notifying you that your order has shipped. When you are expecting an inflatable water birth pool … Continue reading