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Birth Stories

Taken from: Water Birth/ A Midwife’s Perspective
By Susanna Napierala

The Birth of Simon St. Jevin

You took your time in coming down your mama’s pelvis. Your hormones were stimulated on Feb. 7th which caused your mama to slowly loose her mucous plug and, the next day, gradually start her contractions. In fact, this went on for three days until you were approaching the narrowest part of your journey and she was 5cm. dilated. This was at 8h30 Feb. 11th and that’s when I arrived and connected with you.

Your mama was tired and a little less confident then when she started four days earlier. So you just hung out and waited for her to come around. I think at 11h, when she was standing in the doorway and leaning her back against the wall, that you squeezed through the ischial spines (tightest part). It took you 2 1/2hrs. to get through the 10cm opening because you presented your head a little to the left side so your bones took a little longer to mold. But your mama was working so hard to relax and breathe for you to come out of the cervix. She even broke her own amniotic sac with her fingers at 12h05 on the toilet! You should have felt a release of pressure at that point. Your heart tones reminded us that you were working hard also, until you slipped out of the cervix at 13h50 while mama was on the toilet again…

At 14h you were coming down the birth canal and it didn’t take you long because mama was blowing instead of pushing. At 14h20 we first saw your head then mama went back into the pool. At 15h your mama was well in control of your coming with her hand on your head and squatting in the pool. Seven minutes later your whole body emerged and you swam up to meet us. There was your mama’s sister and their mama, your papa and me. At 15h10 you took your first breath and sixteen minutes later papa cut your cord. Ten minutes later your papa held you against his chest so you could feel his heart beat. At 15h50, just 2hrs. since you slipped out of the cervix you were cuddling with your mama in bed! And you latched on to her breast five minutes after that. The last thing we noted was your first poop at 16h40, 50min. after nursing.

I believe you are very prepared for life in the 21st century because you had no trauma whatsoever. You were left to swim for 2 minutes before feeling the air. You never cried, in fact, you arrived asleep and we had to wake you up!

I was honored to have been able to assist you in your coming.

March 30, 2008

Francoise Souverville
C.C.E./Elder Midwife