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Aquaborn Birth Pool Liners

I am getting lots of questions about the two Aquaborn Liners available.

The photo to the far left is the Regular Aquaborn Liner. This liner can be used with or without the blue cover shroud (pictured in the closest photo to the left.  To use this liner you place the blue shroud on the floor below the inflated pool. Put the Regular Aquaborn Liner on the pool, lining up the top handle slots. Then pull the blue shroud up and over the two handles and into place.

The Aquaborn Zip-in Liner is shown in the closest photo to the left. This liner is put on the pool after you have the blue shroud in place. It easily zips into place.

The Aquaborn blue shroud is a great way to protect your Aquaborn pool from abrasions and it also helps to hold in more heat. We sell the blue shroud separately and it can be used on both the Pro and Regular models of the Aquaborn pool.

If you want to save money, purchase our Eco Generic Pool Liner. This liner fits all our inflatable pools and will save you money.  Keep in mind though, that the Eco Generic Pool Liner is not a molded, form fitted liner.