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To add your partner or not to your pool?

Adding your birth partner to your pool…

This photo shows what every water birthing family wants. A cozy new family enjoying those first moments with their baby. I love this photo and this is just what you want to see after a birth. Everyone taking time to let the new family be.

But laboring in water is a different story. I have seen over and over again, that when the dad is added to the water birth pool, the mother stops moving about and ends up sitting instead of being on hands and knees.

Why are you in water? To feel more comfortable and to have ease of movement and, of course, a better transition for baby. Typically when dad or your birth partner enter the pool the couple end up sitting in the pool and mom becomes inactive.

I am not here to say, “Keep him out of the pool.” I am here to say, “Add him only if needed.”  It is important to labor as undisturbed as possible and in water it is important to have your water space to yourself which will allow your body to move more freely. Undisturbed and free movement add up to a better labor and birth.

Your birth partner and meet your needs outside of the pool and if needed, simply add dad. But try to not plan on him being in the pool as an absolute. Leave yourself open to the idea that you will labor better with him close but not in the pool.

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