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Oasis Elite Birth Pool

Our new and improved Oasis Birth Pools are here!

Our 2nd generation here and we have made a few minor improvements:

1. The underside of the pool is now seafoam green instead of white.

2. The Oasis Elite Liner is a nice snug fit.

3. Extra time and care is going into making each pool and they are beautiful!

Shop now and save with our amazing sale price of only $98 for the Oasis Elite Pool. Custom fit liners are also on sale for only $22. A huge savings compared to the expensive Birth Pool in a Box pools and the La Bassine and Maxi Pools.

The Oasis Oval and Oasis Round Birth Pools now have a white floor. This is the preference for most care providers. These pools are a bit shorter then the Oasis Elite and have awesome pricing at $85 for the Oasis Oval and $80 for the Oasis Round. Each pool has a custom fit liner for only $22.