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Oasis Pool

We are seeing growing popularity of the Oasis Pool.

This pool sells at a great price because it is basic. If you are looking to save some money and handles, cup holders and seats are not that important, you will love the Oasis.

Blessings in birth,


Updated Website Coming Soon!

We are excited to announce the upcoming arrival of our newly designed website. You will find improved navigation and a beautiful layout.

You will also find a new look and a new logo.




We are confident that you will love the changes as well as the introduction to many new products.

Blessings in birth,


We Recycle!

At Your Water Birth we are proud of our recycling program.  Over 90% of all cardboard that enters our warehouse is reused and the remaining 10% is recycled.

When packaging orders for our customers we use the cardboard boxes our inventory arrives in as their shipping box. By doing this, we dramatically reduce the amount of new cardboard boxes we have to use for shipping orders.

In fact, only 5% of our orders are shipped in new cardboard boxes.

Now, we must admit, this causes a bit of confusion for our customers who are expecting their package from us to arrive, like all of their other online orders, in new cardboard boxes. We realize that new may look nicer (Though we only reuse cardboard boxes that are in perfect condition.) we feel that reusing is critical in reducing our carbon imprint.

We do what we can to label recycled shipping boxes to reassure our customers that they have indeed received the right products and order.

Recycling matters!


December Super Savers


You must check out our SUPER SAVER section. You save 10% on select products and bundled systems. Add your midwife’s discount coupon and save an additional 10%.

December’s Super Saver includes the new Maxi pool, cover and liner as well as our Deluxe Water System and Deluxe Birth Kit.


Introducing the new MAXI pools!

Introducing the new MAXI Water Birth Pools by La Bassine.


The Maxi is larger and has more handles and is made with the same quality we have come to expect from the La Bassine brand.

The Maxi measures 75″ x 65″ x 28″ compared to the La Bassines measurements of 65″ x 53″ x 28″

The Maxi comes in both personal grade which is designed for single use and PRO grade which is designed to be used multiple times.


Made from eco-friendly vinyl free of phthalates, lead and cadmium the personal use grade is 0.45mm thick and the PRO is 60mm thick.


Liners and covers are available for these pools and on our site you can find great discounts in our SUPER DEALS section for both our La Bassine and MAXI pools.

So, if you are considering a larger pool, go with the brand we have known and trusted in the USA since 2005 and give the MAXI Water Birth Pool a try. We know you will love it.